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A Christmas special pilot for Sky One starring Ashley Jensen. High-flying PR whizz Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen) is taking her foot off the gas. Having spent years toiling away, making a success of herself in London, the forty-something singleton has hit the refresh button and moved on to pastures new. Specifically the tiny village of Carsely in the Cotswolds, which ticks all the boxes: peaceful, stress-free, easy. Like all the best laid plans, it turns out to be anything but – and all because of a quiche. Adapted from the best-selling books by M.C Beaton Agatha Raisin returns for a full series in 2016.
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First Frost tells the early life and times of Jack Frost one of television's most enduring characters.

In A Touch Of Frost RD Wingfield created a crime story legend. Jack Frost, once described as "the most unattractive cop in mainstream crime fiction". First Frost is new eyes on an old friend. A series that explores what made him the man he became. Based on James Henry's three prequel novels.

'Jack Sheffield's charming Teacher series will certainly put a smile on your face. Overflowing with amusing anecdotes.' Daily Express

Teacher, Teacher is a TV adaptation of the adorable Yorkshire Teacher books written by Jack Sheffield. It's 1977 and Jack Sheffield arrives at a small village primary school in North Yorkshire. Little does he imagine what the first year will hold in store as he has to grapple with: Ruby, the 20 stone caretaker with an acute spelling problem; Vera, the school secretary who worships Margaret Thatcher and many others, including a groundsman who grows giant carrots, a barmaid parent who requests sex lessons, and a five-year-old boy whose language is colourful in the extreme. And then there's beautiful, bright Beth Henderson, a deputy head, who is irresistibly attractive to the young headmaster...

A new TV series featuring louche loveable lothario and sometime sleuth Charles Paris. Charles Paris is an unhappily uncoupled - but not divorced - moderately successful actor with a slight drinking problem who gets entangled in all sorts of crimes where he is cast in the role of unwilling amateur detective. Charles Paris is a crime comedy-drama series from the pen of beloved British author - and former chair of the Agatha Christie Society - Simon Brett. Simon has written many well-loved books, plays and TV series including producing the classic Hitchhikers Guide TV series and writing the award-winning comedy series After Henry.

SILENT IN THE GRAVE: The Lady Julia Gray Mysteries
“Let the wicked be ashamed, and let them be silent in the grave. ” Julia is a little relieved when Edward, her husband of 7 years drops dead. Married life has not turned out at all as she expected, her husbands illness and oppressive ideas have buried her spirit. Prepared to live out the rest of her days in comfort as a widow, she is shocked to find out days before his death Edward hired a private detective to investigate a series of disturbing correspondence. Brisbane, the detective, believes Edward's death was murder. Julia is thrown into a world of chaos and intrigue, as she and Brisbane discover that everything she thought she knew about her husband is a lie .. but a powerful allegience is about to be formed. Adapted by the compelling books by the brilliant Deanna Raybourn.

A Sopranos/Mad Men style anthology series adapted from David Petty’s memoir, Lowlife is the no-holds barred true story of the capital's casinos in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. or before they ruined it with legislation. Starring, in no particular order, roulette, blackjack, chemin-de-fer, baccarat, punto-banco, poker, robbery of every shape and size, whoring, addiction, sudden death, the lovely town of London, and lots of laughs. The laughing only stops when somebody gets killed.

'Brilliant stories about the joys and confusions of identity politics' (Yasmin Alibhai-Brown) 10 year old Imran and his family move from Pakistan to Britain in 1976, the year of the hottest summer on record: hose pipe bans, Concord's maiden flight, The Bay City Rollers in the charts and Punk Rock shaking things up. UNIMAGINED is a pacey 30 minute comedy drama about a 10 year old Muslim boy trying to embrace a new and alien culture.

A first class comedy-drama from Larry Barker for a cast of national treasures. A feel good ensemble piece that bring humanity back to the small screen and will reinvest your faith in the human race. An ambitious young music therapy teacher ends up being taught a lesson by a choir of geriatrics.

developed in association with the WELLCOME TRUST
A long-running and returnable crime drama adapted from the casebook of Sir Bernard Spilsbury, the BRITISH founding father of forensic science written and co-produced by esteemed actress and author Nichola McAuliffe. Sir Bernard Spilsbury was the first expert witness – the original crime scene investigator. Without Spilsbury's work – and discoveries – there would be no modern day forensic industry, and therefore none of the juggernaut drama series that have followed. No CSI, Law & Order, Bones, Silent Witness or for that matter, characters embedded in procedural forensic analysis Marple, Poirot, Frost or Morse. Starting with the Crippen case of 1910 start your forensic education here.
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